Shipping Information

Will you ship to my country?
Check the list of countries we ship to.

Why won't you ship to "my country here."
Affordable shipping services simply aren't available or we can not guarantee safe delivery of your package. We are sorry.

Why is shipping so expensive?
As of April 1st 2021 Japan post raised their shipping costs a considerable amount. (To the USA especially, which is currently EMS ONLY) Unfortunately, it's out of our hands. :(

However, At Dark City we don't mess around when it comes o packing your order. We guarantee your package will arrive in safe condition. 

Do you provide tracking?
Yes for USA orders only. Which is EMS.

No for the rest of the world. Your package will mailed small packet air mail.

How long will it take to get my package?
Generally we ship once a week. 
For small packet air (all countries except USA) Shipping takes about 1 month to arrive in some cases longer. It all depends on the postal service of your country. Please be patient. Your package will arrive.

Your order will be shipped EMS.
As soon as your order is shipped it should arrive in about 7 business days depending on your sate.